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מטבחים כפריים טאצ'ווד

Country kitchens


Touchwood stands for “quality in everything”. For more than 30 years,
we have designed and created solid wood products, from furniture to custom
hand made country style kitchens and bathroom cabinets,
using traditional techniques combined with advanced technology and a modern approach.
We invite you to browse our projects gallery

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Getting Started

“Traditional carpentry is not only our work ethic: it’s our way of life.

At Touchwood we still carry out the entire woodworking process without shortcuts.

Our production, carried out under stringent quality control procedures, is implemented by our experienced carpentry team.

A senior staff member supervises and personally accompanies each project from beginning to end.

The wood is meticulously worked, paying close attention to the particular properties of each selected wood type.”

The people behind the kitchens

      “From the day I was born, my father, who came from a woodworking family, gave me a great love for this profession and its traditions. I moved to Israel at the age of 21, bringing with me a suitcase filled with my carpentry tools, my most prized possessions. I settled in the moshav (collective community) of Yodfat and opened a modest carpentry shop in a small shed, providing services to the local community. This became a business within the moshav, and eventually an independent business. It is to my great joy that the younger generation has inherited my love for wood and dedication to craft work, and is continuing down the same path. Currently, I am returning to the most basic forms of woodworking: carving and working with hand tools. The business is already in good hands. This is my opportunity to come full circle and retire.”

      David Ring, Founder

      דויד רינג מייסד טאצ'ווד מטבחים כפריים

      “I discovered the power of wood at the age of 10, when I first entered a house made entirely of wood – from the foundations to the rafters, including all of the furniture inside. I was amazed and enchanted. I continued to cultivate this passion through David’s carpentry classes. Following my military service, I became involved in building wood houses in the United States. Essentially, I built houses similar in style to that house I saw when I was 10. When I returned to Israel, I didn’t have any doubts about what I wanted to do.”

      Yonatan “Yoni” Carmi, Owner and Joint CEO


      “Ever since I can remember, everything that has to do with beauty, aesthetics, and design has really appealed to me. As the son of a 3rd generation carpenter, I suppose that my love for the field is a simple matter of genetics. My initial foray into the world of carpentry began with my father’s carpentry classes. After these classes, I worked and helped out at the carpentry shop every opportunity I had. After spending several years overseas, I came back to Israel and took the natural next step of joining the business.”

      Gabi (Gabriel) Ring, Owner and Joint CEO

      מייסדי טאצ'ווד

      “I completed my interior design studies at the Holon Institute of Technology in the year 2000, and joined Touchwood immediately afterward. Ever since, Touchwood has been my second home. I have designed hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture items over the years, met many wonderful people, and become involved in a number of challenging projects. Being able to plan a kitchen that fulfills the clients’ dreams and becomes their favorite room in the house – this is the true satisfaction I get from my work.”

      Dana Lotan, Designer

      מעצבת מטבח כפרי

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